The Note: "Where Does This Go?"

"'Knowing Rove, he's still having eight different policy meetings and sticking to his game plan,' said one veteran Republican strategist in Washington who often works with the White House. 'But this issue now is looming, and as they peel away another layer of the onion, there's a lot of consternation. Rove needs to be on his A game now, not huddled with lawyers and press people.'"

"A senior Congressional Republican aide said most members of Congress were still waiting to learn more about Mr. Rove's involvement and to assess whether more disclosures about his role were likely."

"'The only fear here is where does this go,' the aide said. 'We can't know.'"

President Bush will be before cameras at the end of his Oval Office meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at 9:10 am ET. We wonder if the first question posed to the President will be about Karl Rove or about SCOTUS.

Earlier this morning, President Bush breakfasted with Sens. Frist, Specter, Reid, and Leahy as part of the White House's consultation process as the President prepares to choose his first Supreme Court nominee.

Note below Sen. Specter's urging of the President to look outside the Circuit Court system for his nominee.

At 10:30 am ET, the President addresses the 2004 and 2005 NCAA sports champions on the South Lawn.

Sen./Dr./Leader Frist (R-TN) is expected to come before microphones at the Ohio Clock at 12:15 pm ET. We have a hunch reporters will be looking for Rove and SCOTUS sound-on-tape here as well.

The Senate Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations subcommittee convenes at 9:30 am ET for a hearing on stem cell research.

Also at 9:30 am ET, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) joins Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) for a full Foreign Relations Committee hearing on "North American Cooperation on the Border."

Democratic Sens. Lieberman, Kerry, Biden, Akaka, Schumer, Clinton, and Corzine talk up Democratic homeland security initiatives at a 10:00 am ET press conference.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) holds a 4:30 pm ET conference call for Democratic donors to outline the next steps in the Supreme Court nomination process.

At 6:00 pm ET, DNC Chairman Howard Dean attends the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee fundraiser before heading to Wisconsin and Idaho later in the week.

Look for other Tuesday schedule items below.


Our two favorite tidbits from the network morning shows this morning:

1. On ABC's Good Morning America, Charlie Gibson asked Paul Begala if he thought the President would dismiss his top political strategist. Begala's reply: "They're awfully close. After George W. Bush lost New Hampshire by 19 points, he didn't fire Karl then. And that was Karl's job -- to win New Hampshire."

2. On NBC's Today Tim Russert said he spoke to a Republican last night who told him, "If this was a Democratic White House, we'd have congressional hearings in a second."

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