The Note: Talking Is Cheap

The New York Daily News breathlessly covers Sen. Clinton pressing the New York MTA for more video cameras. LINK

We know not what to make of this Nashville City Paper editorial, but we'll bet it makes Al & Tipper Gore laugh a little bit when they read it. LINK

The Manchester Union Leader's Don McLean covered Sen. Bayh's visit to a New Hampshire solar cell machinery manufacturer and writes up the Hoosier's commitment to growing alternative energy businesses. McLean includes some Birch Bayh history and Sen. Bayh's support for the Granite State's first-in-the-nation primary.


The Des Moines Register's Jonathan Roos writes that this weekend's $2.2 million governor's conference is mostly brought to you -- well, to Iowa, actually -- by various corporate sponsors. LINK


Team Bloomberg is happy to have the mayor share with the world that he takes constituent phone calls at his listed home phone number, but don't call too late. The New York Post's Stephanie Gaskell has details. LINK

The New York Daily News and the New York Times have it too. LINK and LINK

Crain's Insider has this on the Republican primary (yes, you read that correctly) for mayor in New York: "Ognibene is not expected to file enough signatures to survive a petition challenge by the mayor."


USA Today's Richard Wolf grabs the latest interview with John Sweeney; Sweeney is optimistic about reconciling with the dissidents; Bruce Raynor, a dissident, is not. LINK

Other schedule items:

At 1:00 pm ET today, religious leaders participate in a Center for American Progress conference call to urge Leader Frist to bring a stem cell research bill before the Senate.

Sens. Tom Harkin (D-IA), Arlen Specter (R-PA), Ted Kennedy (D-MA), and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) join Reps. Michael Castle (R-DE) and DeGette (D-CO) for an 11:30 am ET news conference to urge the passage of stem cell research legislation. TV friendly advocates Michael J. Fox and Dana Reeve will join them.

Continuing her tour of Africa, First Lady Laura Bush travels to Tanzania today for a visit to an AIDS support center and a women's education fund.

Democrats and Republicans are expected to spar today when they markup the controversial Patriot Act reauthorization bill at a 10:00 am ET meeting of the House Select Intelligence Committee.

At 10:00 am ET , the House Armed Services Committee meets for a hearing on the national security implications of the potential merger of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Unocal Corporation.

Senators get a private intelligence briefing with John Negroponte at 3:00 pm ET.

At 2:00 pm ET, Sens. Jon Corzine (D-NJ), Sam Brownback (R-KS), Robert Wexler (D-FL) unite with a slew of bipartisan representatives for a press conference on the upcoming Weekend of Pray and Reflection for Victims of Genocide in Darfur to be held July 15-17.

And at 11:30 am ET , Alan Keyes, Howard Phillips, Stephen Peroutka and other conservatives hold a news conference to advocate for the nomination of Ten Commandments judge Roy Moore to the Supreme Court.

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