The Note: Impossible Schemes

"Warner, Vilsack and Bayh -- all current or former governors -- used the meeting to introduce themselves to the delegates as potential national candidates, each testing new themes in carefully crafted speeches. Implicit in all three speeches was the suggestion that they have records demonstrating how to win and govern in places, such as the South and the rural Midwest, where Democrats have faltered in recent presidential elections -- a boast that Hillary Clinton cannot make for herself."

"Attendees gave all four prospective candidates good reviews, but the mob scene that surrounded Clinton afterward showed she retains a special position within the party, one that for now seems to transcend the party's ideological camps."

"Clinton's Speech Wins Over Delegates," blares one Columbus Dispatch headline. LINK

"Preening before the national media, the four peppered their speeches with lofty calls for a party that is militarily strong against terrorism, economically just, socially responsible and grounded in faith," write the Columbus Dispatch's Hallett and Marquette. LINK

Ray Hernandez of the New York Times focuses on the attacks on the President's national security record, and includes the RNC pushback on Sen. Clinton. LINK

Notes Mike Glover of the AP, "The speech was coupled with the announcement that Mrs. Clinton had been chosen to head the DLC's 'American Dream Initiative,' described by the organization as a national conversation with business, political, labor, civic and intellectual leaders on an agenda for the country and party." LINK

"The chairmanship will allow Mrs. Clinton to travel the country next year, when she is seeking another term in the Senate. The job will be an opportunity to burnish an already high-profile image that frequently energizes Democrats while also helping anti-Clinton Republicans raise campaign cash."

The New York Sun's Josh Gerstein left the DLC's "national conversation" asking, "Should Senator Clinton be considered the sole rightful heir to her husband's political legacy as a 'New Democrat'?" LINK

And Note Gerstein's excellent ear here: "Some of Mr. Warner's rhetoric seemed specifically aimed at differentiating himself from Mrs. Clinton. He mentioned the need for candidates with broad appeal in Middle America, saying, 'We Democrats neglect the heartland at our own peril.'"

It took the New York Daily News' Ken Bazinet all of five words to use "Bubba" in his write-up of what he sees as Sen. Clinton's continued move to the center. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont on Gov. Vilsack's vision for the way forward for the Democratic Party. LINK

The Indy Star finds a sneaky way to lede with Sen. Clinton while appearing to lead with its hometown guy. LINK

(Spotted at the DLC meeting: Mark Penn and Thomas F. McLarty.)

House of Labor:

Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times does News Analysis of the politics, policy, and personalities behind Sweeney versus Stern. LINK

Mr. Stern lays out his case in a Los Angeles Times op-ed. LINK

Steve Elmendorf -- formerly the 436th member of the House and now, apparently, the master of the obvious -- puts the political ramifications in perspective for the Los Angeles Times: "'If we have a divided labor movement in 2008, if they are distracted or divided, that's not going to be helpful to us,' Elmendorf said. 'This is bad for Democrats, and good for Republicans.'" LINK

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