The Note: Tough Duck

Gov. Romney can't get rid of Massachusetts fast enough, writes Boston Globe columnist Adrian Walker. LINK

The results from Sen. Santorum's Christian Monitor breakfast as heard by the Philadelphia Inquirer: LINK

"After saying Monday in an online chat with a newspaper's Web site that his intention was not to run for president in 2008, Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) yesterday said he would not completely rule out the possibility."

2008: Democrats:

Deborah Orin writes with the subtly of Dick Morris in looking at Sen. Clinton's Roberts' decision, concluding: ". . .the Roberts vote may force Clinton to move to the left to protect herself in the 2008 Democratic primaries -- undermining all her efforts to position herself as a centrist." LINK

On the Wall Street Journal's op-ed page, Stephen Moore (with some help from Jim Jordan) sets up Gov. Mark Warner (D-VA) as the likely anti-Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential hopeful, before tearing him down as "a fairly boilerplate tax-and-spend liberal."

"Gov. Tom Vilsack warned Wednesday that the long-term deployment of National Guard units in combat zones is robbing states of basic equipment they need to combat natural disasters," writes the AP's Mike Glover. LINK

Vilsack also enjoyed some national media exposure on Charlie Rose last night.

The Sioux City Journal's Dan Gearino writes of Vilsack's call for sacrifice at home to fight terror abroad. LINK

New Hampshire:

John DiStaso's Granite Status has New Hampshire Democrats drooling over the negative response to Rep. Charlie Bass' MtBE proposal, Gov. Mitt Romney packing plenty of New Hampshire time into his summertime schedule, a couple of Granite State 527s slamming down their fists (and throwing up ads) at Dr./Leader/Sen. Frist, and Kerry and Edwards as separate but equivalently-timed guests of state pols, including Louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. LINK

The potential presidential candidate Granite State travel schedule can be a bit dizzying, even in 2005. The AP gets the likes of Jim Demers and Warren Henderson to explain the importance of such visits. LINK


Many of you have inquired about Gordon Fischer's new blog that was referenced in Monday's Note. It's called "Iowa True Blue" and can be found here: LINK


Pat Healy of the New York Times surveys the post-Pataki Empire State landscape and says Pirro will pick AG or Senate soon; Lazio and Weld are meta in play for governor; and Golisano is "leaning" towards running for governor as a Republican. LINK

The New York Daily News Joe Mahoney's list of five possible GOP gubernatorial candidates: LINK

Roll Call's Lauren Whittington has the scoop on the first NRSC ads of the cycle: "The National Republican Senatorial Committee is set to launch its first television ads of the cycle, targeting Sen. Robert Byrd (W.Va.) and charging that the longest-serving Senate Democrat has grown out of touch with voters back home."

"Republican strategists would not reveal the total cost and scope of the ads, but said that the NRSC is spending in the range of tens of thousands of dollars on its first television buy of the cycle. The initial buy, which will be concentrated in the large media markets in the state, may be expanded later."


Giff in Tab Flap over Slumlord Cash (per the New York Post). LINK

Weiner in Campaign Cash Flap (per the New York Post). LINK

Dean's Democrats:

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