Marlo Thomas: Give $1 and Save a Child

"That Girl," Marlo Thomas, has adopted the children's hospital her father founded. And this holiday season, she's encouraging everyone to give. Click HERE to find out how you can help the children of St. Jude.

Marlo Thomas: So many moms and dads come up to me and say that their child wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for St. Jude, not just because of the research that we're doing there ... but because they could never afford it.

No child is ever turned away for a family's inability to pay.

When people go out shopping, they should look for the green magnifying glass that signifies that we never stop looking for cures. ... And when the associate at the store says, "Would you like to add something for the kids at St. Jude?" add something. Add $1. Add $2. Add whatever you can afford.

When I see a family coming the first day, [they have] terror in their eyes and a sick little kid that they don't know what's the matter with that child. And then months later, or a year later, I see that child going home. And that mother and father look at me, and I look at them, and I know we saved that kid's life.