The Power of the Blog

He also says bloggers act as gatekeepers to the overwhelming mass of information now available to anyone surfing the Web.

"It's very difficult to find the information that you, yourself are particularly interested in -- and that's what the blogs do, they provide that filter."

The Daily Kos now has more than 200,000 readers a day. It is so successful, in fact, that conservatives say they're trying to emulate it.

For example, was created in part as a conservative alternative to the Daily Kos.

For both parties and people from every political persuasion, blogs are liberating. They're bringing politics back to the grassroots level.

"What blogs have really done for politics is they've allowed for a two-way communication between candidates and campaigns to really supporters and voters. And they allow both to communicate with each other directly. I mean we haven't seen that in U.S. politics since the early days of the republic," says one blogger.

Political activism that's only a click away.

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