Transcript: Laura Bush Interview

BUSH: This is what I think. I think when you run for office you're going to get criticized, and whatever you run on you're going to get criticized about, and that's just what happens. It happens every time and to both candidates. And do I think it's fair that they ran $60 million worth of ads against my husband? No, of course not, but that's just what happens.

JENNINGS: I know you must cringe when people say things as harshly as they do about the president.

BUSH: Sure, absolutely. I don't like that. (Laughs). That's the really hard part of politics.

JENNINGS: Do you cringe at all when [Republicans] say harsh things about the other [party]? In other words, do you have a general feeling about negative politics?

BUSH: You know, I think just what I just said.That if something is a criticism of something in your record, something you voted on, something you did, I think those are legitimate criticisms. That's what we look at about somebody. That's what everyone, you know, in the United States, when they look at the candidates and try to pick who they're going to vote for, that's one way we know them. .

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