Election Night Parties Abound

One voter said she'll retrace her steps and hope for a different outcome in this vote. "I will be sitting in a local pub in the same spot I was four years ago when all of the trouble started," Angela Stacey of Austin, Texas, said in an e-mail. "There will be a group of about 10 of us -- all of whom have been so wound up over the past few years that our nerves are ready to go haywire."

Regardless of the year and candidates involved, the tradition of hunkering down on the sofa as Senate races, congressional picks and other votes are announced still stands strong. "We are planning to have a nice home-cooked dinner and then sit down and watch the results," said Long Island, N.Y., mother Tommie Russo.

"We are hoping that the teachers of America give no homework so that this country's children can observe the process without worrying about doing homework," she said.

While children and voters of all ages may hope to observe the process for just a single evening, the Gore-Bush election and its army of lawyers and days of recounts have left some with the fear that it's no longer possible to find closure on Election Day.

"I expect to wake up Wednesday morning and hear that two, three, maybe four states haven't finished counting the ballots yet and that it could be weeks before we hear who won," commented Bill Fisher, of Dexter, Mich. "So what am I planning on doing Election Night? Getting a good night sleep!"

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