Full Transcript: Charlie Gibson Interviews GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

I'm part of that generation, where that question is kind of irrelevant, because it's accepted. Of course, you can be the vice president and you can raise a family. I'm the governor and I'm raising a family. I've been a mayor and have raised a family. I've owned a business, and we've raised a family.

What people have asked me when I was -- when I learned I was pregnant, "Gosh, how are you going to be the governor and have a baby in office, too," and I replied back then, as I would today, "I'll do it the same way the other governors have done it when they've either had baby in office or raised a family." Granted, they're men, but do it the same way that they do it.

GIBSON: It's interesting to me, because my wife has been in single sex education all her life. This has been her lifetime. But when we posted this question on the Internet, we had 15,000 replies within 48 hours and every woman with young children struggles with this question, should I, how can I, will I be able to?

And I'm curious to hear you talk just about how you've internalized that.

PALIN: Sure. And I understand what that struggle is, what those internal questions are. I've gone through the same thing over these 19 years from having my first born to today having a newborn.

In these 19 years, a lot of circumstances have changed. I stayed home with my son until he was seven years old, had just worked part-time, until I got into full-time employment again when he was seven.

I had that choice then and I've had choices, of course, along the way.

What we can do with the national government reform that we're talking about is provide women more career choices. We can strengthen our economy. We can allow more and better jobs to be created so that women can have that choice and not have such a burdensome choice of believing that they have to go back to work if they don't desire to work outside of the home.

A strengthened economy is going to provide Americans, especially young American women, more choices. If a breadwinner has a good enough job, with health care benefits, and they don't need then a two-income family, that provides another choice for that woman to decide whether she's -- or the man, maybe the dad would be the one to stay home and raise -- raise the kids.

We're only going to get to that point, though, with providing more choices for more American families when we do have a strengthened economy, when that unemployment rate that today is 6.1 is reduced. More choices for more Americans; more opportunity, more hope to live that American dream, good job, health care benefits, owning a home. We're going to be able to play an appropriate role, a McCalin-Palin administration, to help us reach to that potential.

GIBSON: Governor, thanks.

PALIN: Thank you so much. I'm glad you came.

GIBSON: So am I.

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