Full Transcript: Charlie Gibson Interviews GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

Again, I repeat, war is hell, not just a war that America would be involved in, but a war anywhere on our globe and America can afford to assist in diplomacy across this globe to every nation to make sure that we never get to that point that you're referring to.

GIBSON: But, Governor, I come back to our intelligence agencies can't agree as to how far the Iranians have gotten toward a nuclear weapon. Indeed, some intelligence agencies say they stopped in 2003. Others think they've been going ahead. It is a problem that we have not been able to solve by threatening more sanctions.

PALIN: We've got to follow through on sanctions and we have got to be strong...

GIBSON: You don't think the Bush administration has been?

PALIN: ... and we have got -- and we have got to win in the war surrounding Iran, also, and we have got to not accept Ahmadinejad's pressure that he exerts on other democratic nations. It is unacceptable. Here's what scares me. Again, let me go back to the democratic ticket, because the issue here, again, is choices that Americans have in this presidential race. OK? The other ticket starts talking about meeting with Ahmadinejad or other leaders that are volatile, that are dangerous, with no preconditions.

What scares me about that, and it should scare other Americans, also, is if we did meet with and just chatted with, sat down and met with leaders who are dangerous, like Ahmadinejad, what we're doing is validating some of the evil mission that they are on.

That's unacceptable. That's not going to happen under a John McCain administration. That's something that's important for Americans to keep in mind. Let them make up their own mind, of course, their own decision on whether preconditions are set before an American leader meets with an evil dictator in another nation or not, but Americans have to be reminded. You have a stark contrast in what John McCain would do and what Barack Obama would do.

GIBSON: We talk on the anniversary of 9/11. Why do you think those hijackers attacked? Why did they want to hurt us?

PALIN: You know, there is a very small percentage of Islamic believers who are extreme and they are violent and they do not believe in American ideals, and they attacked us and now we are at a point here seven years later, on the anniversary, in this post-9/11 world, where we're able to commit to never again.

That's why we have taken the fight over there to where Al Qaeda is, where the Shia extremists are, where those would seek to destroy democracy, America, her allies. We took the fight over there. We cannot afford to lose over there. We cannot retreat and concede. We have to keep pushing, keep surging, keep implementing that counterinsurgency strategy that has worked. We can't afford to lose there. We can't afford the stronghold of terrorists to take place there or in Afghanistan.

GIBSON: Why is it so easy to refer them -- to recruit suicide bombers in the Palestinian territories, in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Pakistan?

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