Ladies' Man: Ron Paul's 'View'

Abortion, Immigration and China

But then the discussion strayed from the subjects that have given Paul most of his buzz — barely mentioned was his stance against the Iraq War or his pledges to shut down most government bureaucracy — and instead touched squarely on an issue important to "The View's" largely female demographic: abortion.

Behar likes Paul on the war, but not on abortion. Their discussion on when life begins was informed and lively but not resolved. She asked how Paul could defend personal rights, but not a woman's right to choose. Paul chose a Swiftian "Modest Proposal" style tack and asked her whether it would be OK to abort an 8-pound baby ready to be born.

The discussion continued and most of Paul's 10 minutes were spent discussing abortion. He held his own.

Next came immigration. Paul told Shepherd he doesn't believe in amnesty, but feels like it's the "weak economy," caused by the devalued dollar, that has made immigrants "scapegoats."

Whoopi Goldberg followed up with the China question, which turned out not to have anything to do with lead or the dollar, but more generally with trade and "all the things that have been going on there."

His answer, "Treat China like every other country," may not have been what she was looking for. Paul again pointed to the currency problem in the United States, which he said is one of the more serious problems facing the country.

After his appearance, Paul and his staff were off to a waiting car. After some more interviews, he'll be back in Washington, D.C., later today.

His work as a congressman will probably keep him from precious time on the campaign trail as the Democrats hash out an agreement with President Bush on how much money should be spent funding the government for 2008. As an anti-big government idealist, Paul will most likely vote against whatever compromise they hatch.

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