McCain: Economic Crisis Too Important to Consider 'Political Fortunes'

JM: Well it depends on where we are and what needs to be done, and again I'm, I'll rely on the advice of some of my colleagues as to how I can be most effective. The last thing I want to do is go in and harm the process. I think I made a contribution, credit goes to everybody else. I'm not seeking credit. I'm doing what I think is best for this country. When I thought, when American public opinion was against it, I said we needed 30 thousand more troops in Iraq. And I will do whatever is necessary and my presidential campaign is second to the crisis that is affecting America today.

RC: Senator, you said that now is not the time to fix blame, but to fix the problem, but you said almost in the same breath that the democrats, including Senator Obama are responsible for the, the rescue plan falling apart.

JM: No, actually I said yesterday very clearly right before the media said it's time not to fix the blame, but to fix the problem. We need to sit down together republican and democrat. We don't have inflame the situation today. History will judge who was to blame, and who wasn't, whether Speaker Pelosi's speech which was totally unnecessary, that should not have been the reason for someone to vote against legislation that's going to help so many millions of Americans. I want to move forward. I want to be a bipartisan debate, have a bipartisan approach to this because it's a national crisis.

RC: Some Republicans in the house said Speaker Pelosi's speech is what inflamed things and led to the plan, rescue plan going down, is that putting country first if that was the case?

JM: Speaker Pelosi's speech was an example of the bitter partisanship that exists on Capitol Hill today that we need to fix if we are to move together for America. But the vote should be decided on not on basis of inflammatory speech but on the basis of what's best for America. Of course it wasn't helpful, but the point is there is so much larger stakes here in this game that we have got to act together

RC: Is you political fate, your fortune, your chances in this election now attached to getting an agreement soon?

JM: If it were, I would be very optimistic. I think we are going to reach some kind of resolution but I don't want to tie my political fortunes to... The important thing is to work together for Americans today. I can't frankly consider what effect this has on my political fortunes. I can't consider that because America, families of America, working men and women of this country deserve our undivided and… support for an effort that is not colored by our political ambitions

RC: You were critical of Sen, Obama for "phoning it in" in your words. What did he not do that you did do you feel?

JM: We can look back on this very soon, the crisis is here, let's work together. I don't feel like trading insults with Sen Obama or anyone else right now. Let's sit down together and work it out.

RC: We have a poll out where 44% of Americans believe this is a serious problem, but not a crisis. Do Americans need to understand that this is a crisis and why haven't they?

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