ABC Offers In-Depth Look at Top Senate Races


Can Murkowski Make History? Polls Show a Toss-Up in Alaska Senate Race

Joe Miller Going Dark? Alaska GOP Candidate Won't Answer Personal Questions

Sen. Murkowski to Run as Write-In Candidate McAdams -

GOP Senate Leader Lost to Tea Party-Backed Joe Miller in Primaries

Republicans abandoning Miller in Alaska: Republicans Counting on Write-In Lisa Murkowski Over Joe Miller in Alaska

Woodhouse can't name McAdams:'We Look For Candidates Who Can Win'


Democrat Michael Bennet had never held elective office before he was appointed to the Senate to replace Sen. Ken Salazar, now secretary of the Interior Department. Bennet will see his name on a ballot for the first time Tuesday. He's running against Weld County prosecutor Ken Buck, a Tea Party favorite. This is one of the closest races in the country. Bennet emerged from a bruising primary in which liberal activists had supported another candidate. He may face a real enthusiasm gap as energized Republicans vote for Buck.

Will Michelle Obama's Endorsement Help? Colorado Senate Candidate Struggles for Votes


Tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell shocked moderate Republican Mike Castle in the Republican primary. Castle appeared to be a lock for the Senate seat in Delaware. But his loss to O'Donnell put the seat in major jeopardy, and now Democrat Chris Coons, a county executive, is the heavy favorite in the race. Since winning the Republican primary, O'Donnell has kept politics interesting in 2010. Clips surfaced of her as a political pundit in the '90s where she admitted to dabbling in witchcraft. The ensuing public scrutiny led to her famous "I am not a witch" ad. Her appearance at debates led to discussion about whether church and state should be separated in American government. O'Donnell found strange comfort from liberal women's groups after the tabloid website Gawker published a first-person account from someone who claimed to have gone on a date with her.

Christine O'Donnell, Chris Coons Trade Barbs in Delaware Debate

Christine O'Donnell and NOW

Karl interviews O'Donnell

West Virginia

Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin is popular in West Virginia. But President Obama is not. While Manchin leads in the polls, he has had to run harder than expected for Sen. Robert Byrd's old Senate seat. Manchin aired a TV ad in which he used a rifle to literally shoot the cap-and-trade climate change bill passed through the House of Representatives in 2009. His opponent, businessman John Raese has stumbled amid accusations he is a part-time resident in West Virginia. Raese's wife and children spend most of their time in Florida.

Gov. Joe Manchin Declines in Polls as Republicans Exploit Anti-Washington Sentiment

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint is the heavy favorite for re-election in South Carolina, especially after the surprise victory in the Democratic primary of Alvin Greene, an unemployed former military man. Greene's victory, seen as a fluke since he had neither a website nor campaign events. Greene gave several uncomfortable TV interviews and has failed to gain any sort of traction, especially after he was hit with felony charges for showing pornography to a college student. Greene was also the subject of an unauthorized rap video that went viral on YouTube.

S.C. Senate: Sen. Nominee Was Kicked Out of Army, Has Felony Charge Pending

N.H. Senate: Kelly Ayotte Clinches Win in New Hampshire, Faces Paul Hodes


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