Arizona Sheriff Blasts Rush Limbaugh for Spewing 'Irresponsible' Vitriol


Sheriff Calls for National Commission on 'Civility'

Dupnik said he'd like to see the federal government establish some kind of commission to deal with civility in the United States and make recommendations about how to get it back.

"I don't have a problem with heated arguments," he said. "As a matter of fact you are kind of getting a little heat out of me now, and it is because I am very angry at what has transpired."

"Not because it's Tucson, Arizona, but because of two beautiful people -- one almost dead and one assassinated -- that were personal friends of mine," he said, speaking of Giffords and U.S. District Judge John Roll, "and outstanding individuals and public servants."

A moment of silence was led today on Capitol Hill by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to pay tribute to the victims.

Police took Loughner into custody shortly after and charged him in the shooting. According to the sheriff, he has invoked his right to remain silent.

Dupnik has called Loughner a "loner" and "a very troubled individual."

A criminal complaint filed in federal court Sunday charges Loughner with one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the United States and two counts of intent to kill employees of the United States.

Doctors today said Giffords' condition remained unchanged, that her brain swelling had not increased and that she continued to be able to follow "basic commands."

Giffords is one of eight people still hospitalized following the shooting and one of two still in the intensive care unit.

Police say they have evidence found at Loughner's house to indicate the attack was planned, including a letter that included the words "Giffords," "I planned ahead" and "my assassination."

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