Getting Back the Black Vote: Can Obama Still Win the African-American Community and Support Gay Marriage?


A number of political analysts, including ABC News polling director Gary Langer, say they expect the black vote to be at or near the level of 2008, despite frustrations around any particular issues, and the documentary explores what may motivate many blacks to stick by the president.

Aside from any racial pride felt during the 2008 election or currently, the fact is many African-Americans believe the Democrats promote their interests and that the Republican party does not. Another motivating factor in this election is a simmering anger among some African-Americans about how they believe the president has been treated.

"I think it's righteous anger," said Epatha Merkerson, who narrated much of "Second Coming." "This is the president of the United States and there has never been a president who has been treated as shabbily as this president… I'm angry about that."

Levin, who also narrates the documentary, acknowledged that his film comes from a specific point of view. He and the other filmmakers bluntly accuse the GOP of voter suppression. They say they hope the anger will translate into heavy black turnout and loyalty among African-Americans to the president.

"African-American people are resilient by nature," Bryant said. "There is something in our DNA that makes us respond to crisis. We've got to shake every tree, break into every barbershop, yell from every church: November 6, let's shut it down. It's got to be about the election."

You can watch both episodes of "Second Coming? Will Black America Decide 2012 on

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