Bristol Palin's Memoir Excerpt: 'Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far'


I actually offered to take the baby home, but you obviously can't just pick up a child and take him out of the country! (It felt wrong to leave him there, though, whatever "the system.") I don't know what will happen to that innocent baby boy, but I will never forget him—or the look of desperation on his father's face…

…Next we got to pass out the Christmas shoeboxes that Samaritan's Purse collects from people all across America. If you're one of those angels who pack a shoebox for that organization, please know that the boxes are appreciated. When I handed the inexpensive boxes to the children, their eyes lit up like an Alaskan kid's eyes might if he'd received a new snowmachine.

It really gave me perspective.

All of the frustration I felt over the rude speculation about my Dancing with the Stars weight disappeared as I watched people without food. "Body image" problems only exist because of our country's wealth, our prosperity, our laptops connecting us with blog accounts, those pesky cameras that add fifteen pounds, and those airbrushed magazines that take off thirty.

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