EXCERPTS: Tim Pawlenty's 'Courage to Stand'


"Endless government growth becomes a form of tyranny. When the government takes up more and more space -- space that was previously reserved for individuals, families, the faith community, charities, markets and the private sector -- the result is more displacement, discouragement, disincentive, and dependency. As government swells to become nearly everyone's financial nanny, freedom and personal responsibility are diminished."

Pawlenty on a heated meeting he had as a legislator with then-Gov. Jesse Ventura, who was mad at Pawlenty for accusing the former Navy Seal of leaving taxpayers "behind enemy lines.":

"The hockey player and wrestling fan in me would have some taken pride in surviving a Jesse Ventura smackdown. But the apology felt better. And that was all it took to let the air out of the balloon. He went from enraged to reasonable and graciously accepted the apology. The meeting ended well."

Pawlenty on his often-fractious dealings with the legislature, where Democrats controlled one or both chambers throughout his tenure:

"My eight years in office would be rife with head-on collisions, special sessions, constitutional issues, lawsuits, even a government shutdown. I wish the headlines could have read that Pawlenty mesmerized the liberals with his charm and wit and that they changed their views due to his winsome ways. But hard-fought battles over big issues are never that lovely."

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