Donald Trump to Release Financial, Tax Information at the 'Appropriate Time'


Will Trump Run?

Trump has said he will make an announcement about his presidential intentions before June, and he said in an interview with ABC News that he is "having a good time" contemplating a White House bid. Trump said he would "prefer" not to run, but "the country comes before what I would prefer."

On Wednesday in New Hampshire that he won't announce whether he will run for President until his NBC reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice, wraps for the season. "I'd love to do it for you, I just can't do it," he told reporters after questioning their intelligence for not knowing federal election law.

Trump said people would "be very surprised" by his decision.

He has been talking to several national political operatives who could serve as campaign managers or top advisers. His criteria is simple: "Great intelligence, great strategic thinking and loyalty," Trump said.

Lately, he has been a staple of network and cable news programs and newspaper headlines as recent polls show him at or near the top of the list of possible GOP candidates. He acknowledged that he has always had something of a love-hate relationship with the press.

"In the media you have some tremendous people and then you have some real sleaze bags," he told ABC. "I engender both great love and great animosity from the media."

Alicia Preston, who was once a communications adviser to former New York Gov. George Pataki and now owns a Hampton, New Hampshire-based political consulting firm, has also reached out to Trump and Cohen.

She said Trump might be able to raise the excitement level about a field of potential Republican candidates that so far has been "a little bit lacking."

But Preston, who hopes to be among a select few to score a face-to-face meeting with Trump on Thursday, noted, "If you don't work the ground game and you don't work with people in individual states you're not going to win."

Those Granite State voters who like what they see after Trump's whirlwind tour on Wednesday will have another opportunity to meet him in the next few weeks.

Trump has plans to return to the state on May 11 to deliver a speech to the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce. He will also attend a "Politics and Eggs" breakfast at St. Anselm College in June.

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