George Zimmerman Acquittal Ripples Through Nearby NAACP Convention


"Issues like fairness and equal justice under the law and reducing gun violence and a right to trial by jury, remember this that many parts of the world do not try to follow these concepts of justice, consider South Africa when Mandela was in prison," Nelson said. "We are not a perfect nation, but we must try to be improve. Let us keep trying. We shall not be moved."

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called for the nation to "come together" in the "wake of the Trayvon Martin case."

"We must come together as a nation to learn from the tragedy of his death and take steps to ensure the every single life is equally cherished and protected under our laws," Hoyer, the House Minority Whip, said. "But, you are all leaders, you are all activists, you are all committed Americans you know a well as I do, as well as anyone who knows the history of this organization the fight for justice and equality continues."

ABC News' Lauren Effron and Joan Greve contributed to this report.

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