Into the Great Wide Open: GOP Race for Iowa Still Up for Grabs


For instance, the candidate who has recently shot to the top of the polls, Cain, has hardly made Iowa a priority, making only occasional trips to the state. While there may be an opening for the former Godfather's Pizza CEO there because of the strong Tea Party presence, he has lagged far behind Romney and Perry in fundraising and would struggle to come up with the organizational infrastructure needed in the caucuses.

"Cain has been non-existent here," the source said. "Even if he could somehow sustain his poll numbers, he has absolutely no -- zero, zip, nada -- organization to support him."

That means there could be an opening for another candidate to emerge as the "anti-Romney alternative." In August, it appeared that person was Bachmann, but she faded. In September, it looked like Perry, but he faded. In October, it seems like Cain, but time will tell.

"I've never seen it this wide open," the GOP source added.

"Iowa is really the most wide-open state there is for an early contest," said Robinson. "It doesn't feel like anyone has this thing wrapped up. Iowa, this time, is the early state where everyone feels like they can come in and play even though it will be difficult for them. It's totally wide open."

With so little time left before votes are cast, it is shaping up to be a wild fight to the finish in Iowa. Stay tuned.

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