Gun Day Organizer: We're Not Extremists


The group claims it will deliver its petition to NRA chief Wayne LaPierre -- but the NRA hasn't attached its name to Gun Appreciation Day, and Ward says the NRA has nothing to do with it. When asked about the petition, the NRA's communications office did not comment.

"We're like neighbors that don't even talk to each other," Ward says of the NRA. He's never worked for the group directly, he says, but he has sent emails on the group's behalf, hired through media-firm intermediaries.

In fact, Gun Appreciation Day was partly born of dissatisfaction with the NRA, Ward says -- specifically, with its week of post-Newtown silence.

"I think that the NRA did not do a good job handling this," Ward told ABC News. "I've said before that I think they should have come out immediately and offered their condolences and just expressed that gun control is not going to fix this."

Ward said he would take the NRA's endorsement if offered,"but they haven't called me. Neither has the president, for that matter."

Nor is Ward a fan of gun ranter du jour Alex Jones, the conservative radio host who lashed out in a frenetic burst of pro-gun zeal at CNN host Piers Morgan and "the globalists" in a recent broadcast.

"I think he's spirited, but I don't think he does us any good," Ward said. "Some of what he said, if said in a rational way," would help the pro-gun movement in Ward's opinion.

Ward's coalition is chock full of fringe groups, but he hasn't turned any away. Among his backers, influential blog RedState and the aforementioned Revolution PAC have been joined by non-luminaries like What Bubba Knows, a website featuring (along with general news commentary) some anti-Palestinian .gifs, cartoons, and accusations of jihadism.

MSNBC's Zachary Roth reported that another sponsor, the Social Security Institute, has warned of one-world-government control. Ward defended that group, and its views, in an interview with ABC.

SSI believes "there are bills and there are laws, and the U.N. is moving very aggressively toward consolidating power, and I don't see that as a fringe issue," Ward said, referring to a U.N. arms treaty opposed by gun advocates.

"I don't think anyone's talking about Bildeberg meetings at SSI … I think there are things to be concerned about. .. I don't think there's a conspiracy, I think it's pretty overt," he said.

To gun-control advocates who find it offensive that anyone would celebrate guns in the wake of a mass shooting -- on the anniversary of MLK's shooting, two days before the president is inaugurated -- Ward says: "This wasn't in reaction to the shooting … President Obama, Rahm Emanuel, [New York Mayor Mike] Bloomberg, [California Sen.] Dianne Feinstein have all exploited the tragedy to advance their legislation to infringe upon the Second Amendment. We're reacting to that."

Ward says he intended to hold the day before Feinstein could introduce a gun-control bill, which Ward believed would happen in January.

"It didn't necessarily hurt that it was two days before inauguration. I don't mind poking the bear occasionally," he said.

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