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7) Van Jones said he now feels like he has to dress his sons for their safety: "As an African-American parent, I have two boys. I think I'm going to have to go broke dressing them in tuxedos every day so they can walk down the streets to buy a Snickers bar or Skittles." Jones also said: "As a black parent, I don't know how to protect my sons…When you are a victim of a crime, if something happens to your child, the only upside is that the police are going to be on your side. If your child dies at the hands of somebody who's armed — until now, here I am as a black parent … I don't know if the cops are on my side."

8) "Nightline" anchor Terry Moran, said the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law "makes it very difficult to trust our system, trust the jury, let them find the facts and do justice."

Obama's Open Mic: President Obama asked Russian president Dmitri Medvedev for "flexibility" on missile defense until after the election.

9) George Will : "What this does, what people say when no one's listening, or so they think, gives you some insight into who Mr. Obama really is," Will said. "And this reinforces a narrative, which is that he's kind of slippery, very aloof, and mildly disdainful of those people who inhibit his flexibility, a.k.a. the American public."

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