Herman Cain: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview


I'm not doin' this for me. The other reason that I believe that these attacks are bein' made is they would like nothin' more for me to get so discouraged and disgusted because of the pain that it's causin' my family. And it is causin' my family some pain. That hurts more than the personal pain that I feel.

And so I happen to believe that they're tryin' to put en-- enough of this-- it's not even smoke. There's an old saying, if you throw enough mud up against the wall you hope that some of it will stick. And sooner or later, you'd have a muddy wall. But I am not goin' to be discouraged to the point that I'm gonna pull out of this race because of these baseless attacks.

JONATHAN KARL: You know, you-- you write in-- in your book that your wife-- Gloria when you told her you wanted to run for president, but--


JONATHAN KARL: --she was terrified.


JONATHAN KARL: Scared to death--


(OVERTALK) JONATHAN KARL: --what you said.


JONATHAN KARL: So-- so what-- how is she dealing with all this?

HERMAN CAIN: Oh, sh-- she was dealing with me runnin' for president quite well up until-- last week in the last couple of days. Her terror-- bein' terrified came from the perception that most people have about bein' constantly under the microscope, which you are. And the expectations that are made of a candidate's wife, or the president's wife.

But when I sat and talked with her, and said that "I don't have those expectations on you, maybe the media does, maybe people in the political establishment do." And I laid out very clearly what my expectations were. For example, I did not expect her to be on this grueling campaign schedule that I'm on. That made her feel good.

Because I want her to continue to be that calm and tranquility for our family. Which is, as you know, the most important thing to me. So when I said "You d-- I'm not expecting you to be on the campaign trail, I'm not expecting you to go through this grueling schedule, I'm not expecting you to respond to media interviews." That's not somethin' that she wants to do. She felt a whole lot more comfortable.

And so today, she is 200 percent supportive of me. Now, with these recent accusations, obviously that has an emotional impact on her. Because you're talkin' about her husband of 43 years. And even though my wife is-- more of a quiet pers-- quieter person than I am, she has a quiet, sweet personality, she can get angry like anybody else.

JONATHAN KARL: So is she angry about this?

HERMAN CAIN: Oh yeah. Yeah, she-- she'll tell you flat out, she's angry about it. Because in her own words, after we watched that Gloria Allred-- press conference yesterday with the other lady accusin' me, my wife even said, 'cause I called her right afterwards. And my wife said to me, when I said, "Hello sweetheart, did you see it?" She said, "Yes." I said, "What'd you think?"

She said, "I've known you for over 40 year. That stuff doesn't even sound like you, let alone that you did this with somebody that, you know, is making these accusations." And that was reassuring, because she knows that's not something that I would do. Some of the claims that were made, absolutely ridiculous.

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