Inauguration Black Market Tickets Raise Dilemma, Stir Action

"My friend and I requested two [tickets] each a few months ago," said Georgetown University student Cory Benavente. "She was selected for one, and I didn't win any."

There's no official monitoring system to track whether a ticket has been scalped, but individuals with tickets will go through security checkpoints when they arrive for the viewing.

The lack of recipient tracking creates a gap between having people pledge not to resell awarded lottery tickets and incentivizing recipients to keep their promise. Without a way to track the allotted tickets, it is difficult to make the pledge as honorable as possible.

Reports of ticket scalping have just started trickling in over the last few days, the committee said, and it is already asking congressional members to encourage honor code policies. This same situation occurred during the 2009 inauguration, but according to Craigslist seller' Obama Tickets, "This time around [selling tickets] is harder, not as many people are interested."

The inauguration parade can also be viewed from non-ticketed areas.

The distribution date for inauguration ceremony tickets has not yet been announced.

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