Indicted John Edwards Insists 'I Did Not Break the Law'


John Edwards' Former Aide Feels 'Vindicated' By the Indictment

The string of lies began to unravel when Andrew Young, a one-time close aide to Edwards, appeared before a grand jury.

"Andrew and Cheri [Young] to a certain extent feel vindicated in that their information, which they have presented fully and comprehensively to the government since the inception of the investigation, and also publicly in their book "The Politician," has been corroborated by the government's two year investigation," David Geneson, an attorney for the couple, said today in a statement.

Young, who is married and has three children, had once falsely claimed to be the father of Hunter's child and went into hiding with Hunter while Edwards continued to pursue his political goals.

In December 2007, the group began traveling by private jets to luxury hotels on a cross-country game of hide and seek. It was all financed by wealthy Edwards campaign operative Fred Baron, and it was all with Edwards' approval, Young said.

"Maybe he didn't know exactly where we were, but he knew about the money, he knew about the methodology and he knew about the sources," Young said in an interview with ABC News.

Young and his wife have estimated that it cost Edwards' benefactors $1 million in cash, private jets and hotel rooms to cover up the affair and Hunter's pregnancy.

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