Will We Ever Learn: Presidents And Policies

It is amazing that in both cases a myth built up around each president that because of initial success they were considered and trusted on certain things. After great initial success in Afghanistan, many folks were relieved that President Bush seemed to have in place the exact right war cabinet with experienced hands. As Iraq descended into chaos, this myth turned out to be just that - a myth.

And the same seems to be true of President Obama, the myth had grown that his administration was tech-savvy and was reshaping the White House in a advanced technological way. As the health care policy has unfolded in the last few weeks and the technology has been shown to be a major failure, this myth about President Obama turns out to be also mythic.

And for each president we are left asking the question, how could this happen? How could the most important and crucial policy of their administrations be allowed to fall into such chaos and errors not be corrected sooner? How could each president seem so out of touch with events on the ground?

One could ask, Weren't these policies too big and crucial to be allowed to fail? Sadly, it seems, our leaders still haven't learned some of the most valuable lessons in life about humility and accountability, and watching over valued resources in our precious lifes. Matthew Dowd is an ABC News analyst and special correspondent.

Opinions expressed in this column do not reflect the views of ABC News.

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