The Nuts and Bolts of a No-Fly Zone in Libya


A: Very little. Nothing makes sense without a sizeable military buildup, which will take weeks if not months, in southern NATO airbases, and then we'll take a protracted campaign that will need to roll back the enemy air defenses and roll back the fighters that are on the ground. Once that is done, we go in and establish orbits overhead in various key strategic places that will prevent Libyan air force from flying and from strafing civilians or rebel positions.

Q: President Obama has said (Gadhafi) has to leave, we don't have any options?

A: I think we have options, they are not necessarily military options. I think we need to think about things other than military options. Think about aiding rebels. We can provide covert arms through the areas that have already been taken by the rebels. We can do much more in terms of finances, in terms of taking away money from Gadhafi, freezing his funds and making sure he can't pay his mercenary army.

Q: What would you do in terms of making sure they can, the rebels or the civilians can talk to each other via cell phone.

A: One of the things Gadhafi has done is shut down cell phone and internet. We could actually put U.S. aircraft off shore that can serve as airborne servers for internet access or de facto cell phone towers so they could re-establish communications in those areas that Gadhafi has shut down.

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