Maryland Petition Forces Referendum on State Dream Act


President Obama is a staunch supporter of the Dream Act, having said it is "important to our economic competitiveness, military readiness and law enforcement efforts." After it failed to past the Senate in 2010, the president vowed not to give up on the act because "it is not only the right thing to do for talented young people who seek to serve a country they know as their own, it is the right thing for the United States of America."

Tamira Ramirez, whose parents brought her to the United States illegally when she was 15 years old, said she is tired of Obama's "sweet words."

"We need more," she said while attending the left-leaning Campus Progress Conference in Washington, D.C. last week. "And although he's only human, he's got to become a superhuman because he's the president."

Ramirez grew up in D.C. and graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin last year but is still undocumented. She said if she ever got deported to El Salvador, she would probably be killed because she is a lesbian and "that's just not the way it goes" in Latin America.

"We didn't walk into this," Ramirez said. "We just got here somehow, and now we need to find a way to make the best of it and we can't if we don't have the keys to open those doors that apparently are closed. We need a way."

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