Medicare Threatens to Derail Debt Ceiling, Budget Negotiations as Dems, GOP Dig In


'Democrats Just Demagogue' Medicare

Similar meetings will be held monthly, the group's spokesman Adam Brandon said, and other powerful conservative groups are taking similar steps.

"The fight is on. You can't run from it. If you're going to be serious about tackling the debt and the deficit, you have got to explain your position and show that this is actually the better policy position for the United States, for seniors, for young people," Brandon said.

"Where's the president's plan? Where's the Democrats' plan? Everyone's criticizing the Ryan plan. You can't have a negotiation or a discussion if only one person's presenting a plan," Brandon added. "What I'm hearing is the Democrats' plan is, we're going to roll this into the next election and just demagogue it. ... I don't think they are being very serious about this."

Budget negotiations and spending cuts are a key part of the debt-ceiling negotiations that are underway. Republicans say they will not raise the debt ceiling without meaningful cuts. As a signal of their resolve, GOP members voted overwhelmingly against their own bill that would have increased the statutory debt limit without any conditions attached.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said he can stave off a default until Aug. 2, but has warned of an impending fiscal crisis if the limit isn't raised by then. The debt ceiling would need to be raised by roughly $2 trillion.

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