Meet Robert McDonald: Obama’s Nominee to Head The VA

Five of them were shared in this presentation at Singapore Management University

1. Living a life driven by purpose is more meaningful and rewarding than meandering through life without direction. Avoid living life reactively rather than proactively. The pace of modern life and overload of communication tends to give us so much to react to that we do not have time to address our priorities. 2. Companies must do well to do good and must do good to do well. This, he suggested, is a positive and virtuous cycle. 3. Character is the most important trait of a leader. Put the needs of the organization above your own and take personal responsibility for the organisation’s results. He also quoted from the West Point Cadet’s Prayer: “Help me to choose the harder right, rather than the easier wrong.” 4. Diverse groups of people are more innovative than homogeneous groups. Creativity is often the result of making unexpected connections between concepts and experiences. Diversity creates disparate nodes which facilitate this process. 5. Organizations must renew themselves to stay relevant. Recruiting and training are top priorities. What differentiates those who succeed from those who don't, is the ability to learn.

6. He has climbed Mt. Fuji:

Obama today: “He repeats the Japanese saying -- he worked and lived in Japan for six years while at Procter & Gamble. The saying goes: He who climbs Mount Fuji is a wise man; he who climbs it twice is a fool. Now, Bob actually climbed Mount Fuji, once. Bob is a wise man.”

7. He has many honorary degrees:

McDonald has honorary degrees from: Doctor of Laws, Honorary Degree from Hampden-Sydney College; a doctor of commercial science honorary degree from the University of Cincinnati; A doctor of business administration honorary degree from Drexel University; a doctor of humanities honorary degree from Xavier University.

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