Michele Bachmann: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview


And I think that was a good move that he made. But I think the more important-- issues that he's made-- have been very foolish. He has put daylight between the United States and Israel. That's led to tremendous heightened-- hostilities in the Middle East region. That isn't good. He's continued to spend, like, a trillion dollars on a stimulus program that, l-- put us in hock to countries like China. The president has taken his eye off the ball, which is a nuclear Iran.

And he's taken his eye off the ball, which is China, which is growing and getting bigger and dominating-- while all-- while the United States is declining. And the president has failed the American people in pr-- in perhaps almost every way that a president could.

RON CLAIBORNE: But-- but Congresswoman, you can not think of one thing other than not buying a helicopter that the president's gotten right in three years?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, his policies certainly haven't helped anyone. And I think that's why you see the president losing support among almost every constituency level that there is. Take a look at Obama Care, his signature issue. It's at the lowest level of public approval right now. Why? He promised every American household we'd save $2500 this year on our health insurance premiums. What of your listeners or your viewers has saved $2500 on their health insurance premium?

This is just one example where over and over, the president said that he was gonna save money, life was going to be better, and just the opposite has happened. That's why I know what to do as president of the United States. I've been on the front line for five years fighting. I know exactly what we have to do to turn the economy around. And I intend to do it.

RON CLAIBORNE: Herman Cain, one of your competitors, in the news again yesterday with another allegation from a fourth woman of sexual harassment. Now you have said-- that there should be no surprises, which sounds like a veiled reference to some of these allegations against him. And excuse me if I'm incorrect about that. But ar-- is there any credence in your mind-- to these allegations? Are they concerning to you?

MICHELE BACHMANN: I don't have any information on these allegations whatsoever. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to that discussion. But what my comments were is that when you look at Michele Bachmann, when you look at me, I-- there will be no policy surprises whatsoever coming out of me.

We've seen a lotta candidates flips and roll on a lotta different policy positions over the years. You won't find that. You won't find me on a YouTube clip-- saying that I support the individual mandate on healthcare. You won't find me on a YouTube clip saying that I'm personally opposed to abortion but I don't think government should get involved.

You won't find me when it comes to the area of marriage saying that I believe that marriage should be anything other than between one man and one woman. I've been very consistent throughout my life, and also as a champion. And that's what sets me apart in this race. The fact that I have a very strong spine and I'm a fighter. I've been-- I've-- I've been a proven fighter, even fighting against my own party, Republicans, to be able to stand for the values that people want in-- in the United States.

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