Michele Bachmann: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview


RON CLAIBORNE: Very quickly, let me get-- a response to a foreign policy question-- before I move to-- to the calls and the write-in questions we have. If-- Israel, as there have been reports, is considering-- an attack, a strike on Iran-- against their believed-- nuclear facilities, nuclear weapons capabilities, would you support Israel if they did do such a strike? And if the U.S. and (?) you as president believed Iran was developing nuclear weapons, would you authorize a U.S. strike against Iran?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, again, it-- no one can say for sure what they'll do without having all of the facts on the table. So, I can't give you a definitive a-- a-- answer, because that would be foolish to do so. But I will give you this principle. As president of the United States, I will stand with Israel.

I will stand with them. I will not do what this president has done and put daylight between the United States and Israel. That was a foolish decision. I also will put every military option we have on the table to deal with an Iran that seeks a nuclear weapon.


MICHELE BACHMANN: And those are my principles.

RON CLAIBORNE: --okay, I-- and-- well, I'm (LAUGH) running outta time here. Let-- let me get to a couple of the re-- write-in questions before we get to the lightning round. Here's one from-- a gentleman named Alex (PH). He said, "I was recently-- let go, and I will have to pay for my own health insurance which is incredibly high. How would your plan help people like me who are facing $500 a month for insurance-- while searching for a job?"

MICHELE BACHMANN: Alex is exactly right. That is the problem, is cost. That's the failure of President Obama. He didn't address the cost issue. I will. And what I will do is allow Alex to buy any health insurance policy he wants, anywhere across the United States of America with no minimum mandate. In other words, he can get a policy that makes sense for him. Then I'll let him use his own tax-free money to pay for the premium, the deductible, the copay, his pharmaceuticals and we'll have complete medical malpractice reform. That brings the cost down.

And here's the other thing I'll do. For-- for doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals that want to offer free care to people, we'll give them a liability shield so that no one can sue them. Because we want to encourage people in the health profession to offer free or reduced care to people. But in-- in exchange for that, we'll the them a liability shield.

RON CLAIBORNE: Now I'm gonna go to the lightning round, gonna maybe try and squeeze in one last-- question that we got. But in the meantime, quick answers to these, please. Worst job you ever held?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Worst job I ever held? Well, one day I cleaned 280 fish, (LAUGH) so maybe that was it. But actually, it-- it was kinda fun, too. So.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. TV guilty pleasure, Congresswoman?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Oh, Turner Classic Movies. I'll watch Turner Classic Movies.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. Favorite junk food?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Favorite junk food? Probably-- it'd have to be chocolate. It's have to be-- dark chocolate probably. Yeah.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. Blackberry or iPhone?


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