Do Mitt Romney's Health Care Claims Line up With the Facts?


Mitt Romney Faces Backlash on Massachusetts Health Care Law

Offering a sketch of what his own plan would look like, Romney argued that he would give states the lead in crafting their own health care laws, focus on a market-run system and eliminate federal constraints, reform medical liability, and lower health care costs, though he did not offer specifics.

The former governor praised Rep. Paul Ryan's controversial budget plan that would significantly reshape Medicare, but said that while his plan is "not going to be identical to the Ryan plan but it shares many of the same objectives."

Romney has constantly tried to stave off criticism from his Republican colleagues for supporting a plan that has elements conservatives loathe, especially the requirement that all state residents carry insurance.

In a 2007 NBC interview, Romney called the individual mandate a "terrific idea," predicting that other states would likely follow in Massachusetts' footsteps "and we'll end up with a nation that's taken a mandate approach."

Democrats have seized on his past remarks touting the Massachusetts plan as a "model for the nation," and an "experiment the other 49 states can look at."

But since he emerged on the national stage again this year, Romney has attempted to clarify his position, arguing that his plan is different than Obama's because it didn't rely on higher taxes and Medicare cuts for funding.

"I in fact did what I believe was right for the people of my state," he said today.

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