Key Mumbai Planner David Headley Tells Jury he Was 'Pleased' With 2008 Attacks

Shortly after meeting with Kashmiri, Headley also returned to India and surveyed the Indian National Defense College in New Delhi as well as surveying Jewish sites and Chabad houses in three Indian cities, he said.

Headley said he then returned to Pakistan where pressure was building on Lashkar members. He met with his Lashkar hander, Sajid Mir, who was now revealed to be the infamous voice directing the Mumbai attackers to kill hostages, even women, at the Chabad House.

In March 2009, Headley, who was living in Lahore, received a visit from Major Iqbal. "He told me to move…to remove Lashkar material from my house."

Headley testified that it was the last time he saw the mysterious ISI major.

Headley said he was then contacted by a different ISI official that he identified as Maj. Sameer Ali. Headley said that before he left for the United States he again visited Kashmiri in May 2009 in Waziristan and they discussed the operatives in England that would carry out the attack and the need to make martyrdom videos for them.

Kashmiri suggested to Headley that in order to spur the Danish response forces to act quickly they should behead the victims. Headley told the jury, "He said they should throw the heads of the hostages out the window ... shoot them first, then behead them so there wouldn't be a struggle."

He said Kashmiri let him communicate this to the attackers, and that Kashmiri told Headley to give the attackers a "pep talk." Headley testified that he met with the planned attackers, but it was unclear when or where the meeting took place.

After returning to the United States, he said, he talked to Rana about the planned attack on the newspaper.

"I related all that had been discussed [with Kashmiri]," Headley said. "He [Rana] said good. He agreed with it. ... He thought it would be a huge event in the media."

Although the attack never took place and Healdey was arrested in late 2009, he was clearly anxious to see the attack occur.

Headley said he told Rana he was having difficulty getting in touch with the attackers who were in England. Headley said he grew frustrated as the summer moved into July, learning that some of his Lashkar contacts, including Pasha, had been arrested in Pakistan by authorities.

Headley said he asked his new ISI contact about Pasha. In one email message the ISI man responded, "Your friend that u asked about has reached home yesterday. How are u and what r the plans????"

Healdey's questioning by the prosecutors is expected to conclude Wednesday afternoon. Then he will face cross-examination by Rana's defense team.

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