Mumbai Terror Attack Trial: Chicago Man David Headley Says He's No Longer Proud of Role


Tahawwur Rana's Lawyers Question His Foreknowledge of Mumbai Terror

Headley also has claimed he discussed Mumbai with Rana.

The defense claims that although Headley received two notices in the months leading up to the Mumbai attacks, he never told Rana the attacks were imminent.

Today, the defense asked him why he didn't warn Rana about the Mumbai attacks when Rana traveled to Mumbai in early November 2008 -- days before the attacks.

Rana was in Mumbai to meet with a secretary that Headley had hired to work at the immigration business. Headley said that the secretary was going to work from her home for Rana after Headley decided to leave India.

The defense counsel also asked why Headley received congratulatory emails and praise from his handlers in Pakistan and even his wife Fazia about Mumbai, yet there is no evidence that Rana praised the attack other than Headley's own word.

"There is no congratulations from Rana about Mumbai," Blegan said.

Defense Attacks on David Headley's Character

Besides questioning Rana's knowledge of Headley's plots, defense lawyers today ripped into Headley's personality, his character and his allegedly radical views on Islam.

It continued a pattern from Wednesday, when Headley was sharply questioned by the defense about his past as a convicted drug smuggler and work as a DEA informant.

Defense attorneys today asked Headley about an incident in Chicago that was witnessed by a concerned observer. When Headley's young son was playing soccer in a game and the coach yelled for the boy to shoot on goal by yelling, "Shoot! Shoot!" the boy rolled to the ground and took up a prone position as if he was shooting a gun.

Asked why his son did that, Headley said, "I want him to be a soldier."

Defense counsel Blegen also asked Headley about Rana's support for helping his children get a good education. Headley had only wanted to send his children to a Koranic school where they would memorize the Koran as their only course of study but, at Rana's urging, he enrolled them in school in the United States after moving from Pakistan.

Headley and Rana often had disagreements about their interpretations of Islam because he and Rana observed different sects.

Headley became defensive today when he was questioned about whether one of his wives knew about his role in the Mumbai terrorist attacks and knowingly supported his travel by buying him a plane ticket to Pakistan.

Headley said his wife bought him a ticket after his casing trip in Denmark.

Headley also testified that one of his wives accompanied him on one trip to Mumbai early in his casing operations.

Headley will be on the witness stand through next Tuesday under questioning by the defense. The trial is expected to last another two weeks.

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