President Obama to Thank Navy SEAL Team That Killed Bin Laden


"I agree with his reason for not sharing them if it would incite people," said Patricia Reilly, whose sister was killed in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center. "People who are hell-bent on attacking us again are still going to do it, but there is no reason to give people on the fence a reason to do something terrible."

Maureen Santores also agreed with the President's decision, poignantly noting that her son was identified using only his DNA.

"I think president Obama made the right decision about the pictures," she said. "If it was good enough for the families to accept DNA evidence, then it should be good enough for Osama bin Laden."

But for other family members, releasing the photos-- seeing the person who killed their loved ones-- might give them closure, which they compare to family members being allowed to witness a murderer's capital execution.

"The families have already been through so much," said Bill Doyle, whose son Joseph was killed in Tower 1. "I know why people don't want the photos released? but I know a woman whose husband was identified because they found his heart. How much more gruesome can the photos of bin Laden be?"

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