President Obama: 'Nowhere to Go But Up'

"It's a hard job," the first lady said. "I am fortunate to be living with a man who has a long view of this job, who understands that, in the case of health care, that this is all about the folks who don't have insurance, the folks he sees every single day."

The Obamas, who just celebrated their 20th anniversary together, also talked about the strength of their marriage, and that in good times and bad, they have each other's back. No matter what lies ahead, the president maintained that Michelle is "his rock" and helps keep him in check. The first lady said she wants young people to learn from their story.

"You're going to have people who don't like what you do, but you better have your own vision, and you better have your own will and your own passion and determination," Michelle Obama said. "Know that life requires work and sacrifice and sometimes it's painful, but there is a lot of joy and there is a lot of hope and possibility."

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Though the president didn't speculate on who should be next to fill the role of Commander in Chief, Obama acknowledged that this country's first female president might not be too far off on the horizon.

"We have some amazing female [public] servants all across the country and there is no doubt that sometime very soon, we're going to have a female president," he said. "I'm confident that she will do a great job."

When asked if he thought the first lady would make a better president than he would, Obama laughed and said, "that's an easy question, but she is smart enough to know that she might not want to go through the process."

Michelle Obama said she couldn't do the job better than her husband.

"He has a level of patience and focus and tenacity and calm that just doesn't come by anyone," she said. "I definitely don't [have that patience]."

As the country celebrated Thanksgiving this week, the president shared a message he had for those who are still struggling to find work and pay the bills.

"Every day I'm going be working as hard as I can on your behalf," Obama said. "For all the challenges and all the polarization of our politics and the frustrations of Washington, this remains and will remain the greatest country on Earth."

"Americans, I think deep down, care about each other and want to do the right thing," he continued. "And we're going make sure that we do everything we can to help folks, who are out there working hard, trying to make it."

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