Rep. King Says Marco Rubio Not Welcome to Raise Money in New York


Rep. Peter King's Fury at Marco Rubio

King blasted House Republican leadership, specifically House Speaker John Boehner, when they pulled a Hurricane Sandy relief bill from a floor vote. He was joined by his friend and fellow Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who was also angry at the vote being pulled after being assured it would be voted on.

The money was later restored, but Republican harmony wasn't.

Since Christie took on Boehner for pulling the funding, Christie was uninvited to next month's Conservative Political Action Conference, despite being one of the most popular governors in the country. King said in response to the snub "if the Republicans start catering to CPAC then we are just signing our own suicide pact, and the fact that CPAC is the first step to the presidential nomination we have to end that."

"Chris Christie is the most popular across the board governor we have," King said. "He's conservative, he's balanced the budget, he's done tough budget reforms, he's pro-life and yet he has a 74 percent approval rating in a Democratic state. The fact that he is not being invited to CPAC because he fought for the aid that he's entitled to to save New Jersey shows Republicans if they give in to CPAC they have a death wish and it shows we should stop taking groups like CPAC so seriously."

The executive director of the American Conservative Union Gregg Keller said in response that King's comments meant he "apparently didn't get the memo that CPAC is a conservative event, not a Republican event. That's what the first C in CPAC stands for."

Christie responded to the snub Thursday answering a question about it at a town hall saying "that's their prerogative" and "they get to decide."

King said he considers himself conservative and feels abandoned by his party.

"I'm very disappointed and I said back in January it's going to be hard for me to look at many other Republicans in the future as I did in the past," King said. "These are the guys you sit next to every day, these are people you work with, these are the people that slap you on the back and say, 'We are all in this together. We have to have team spirit, we have team loyalty.' … I look at things very differently now."

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