Sarah Palin: Why She Resigned

Palin's Dim View of Politicians

Another major reason Palin stated for walking away from her first term as Alaska's governor was that after she announced the decision not to seek a second term as governor, she would become a lame duck, and she'd refuse to "milk" that status. She said most politicians "say it's a paycheck, it's a paycheck and I get to travel around. No, that's politics as usual."

Palin spoke openly about her ideas for the country, national security and energy, and she took a dim view of politicians. "No, I don't really like a whole lot of politicians," she said.

Salmon fishing is a family affair for the Palins. Their fourth child, daughter Piper, age 8, was on hand to help. And 1-year-old baby Trig, who Palin said is getting ready to walk, stayed back on shore.

Palin said the family hasn't discussed any plans to move away from Alaska. But when the family discussed whether she ought to leave office, it was her oldest child, son Track, who is serving in Iraq, who voted "hell, yeah."

Husband Todd Palin said, "It's been a topic of discussion quietly for a while. It's never come to an, 'I can't take it anymore.' Let's vote. It's been a few months, and it just seemed that the resistance, the wasted time and the wasted money she had to go through every day."

He said he doubts that his wife's resignation will be a weight off her shoulders. "She's gonna continue to be busy," he said.

Sarah Palin said, "Every mom that we know multitasks. I'm gonna keep working extremely hard, but I am looking forward to having my kids by my side more, without getting criticized for having the kids by my side.

In her first public appearance since her announcement last Friday, Palin appeared on Tuesday in a western Alaskan community called Kotzebue, to sign a bill aimed at improving management of safety officers in rural communities. Afterwards, she said she was absolutely sure Alaska will be better off with Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, her successor.

"I'm extremely happy," she told ABC News. "I know that I know that I know that this is the right thing for Alaska."

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