Sarah Palin Says She Could Beat Obama

"They are content to labor in a world without hierarchy or even job descriptions -- 'None of us has titles,' [Palin's political adviser Andrew] Davis said -- and where the adhesive is a personal devotion to Palin rather than the furtherance of her political career."

'There Is No Uber-Strategy'

The lengthy profile (7, 812 words) is accompanied by a cover photo, first obtained by Politico, showing Palin surrounded by a range of advisers, including lawyer Thomas Van Flein, "cybermessenger" Rebecca Mansour, husband Todd and Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, among others.

"The reality is that Palin's direction is determined almost entirely by her instincts -- or, as [Palin's friend and former White House aide to Presidents Nixon and Ford] Fred Malek puts it, 'There is no ├╝ber-strategy.' She did not game out a path forward when agreeing to two book deals with HarperCollins and then signing on with the Washington Speakers Bureau, Fox and then her television series.

"That same mind-set explains the lack of cohesion to Palin's virtual organization. As [SarahPAC treasurer Tim] Crawford, Van Flein, Davis and Mansour concur, the inhabitants of Palin World have loosely defined duties and thus invariably play outside their lanes."

Draper went on to write "there is no chief of staff -- though 'there's been discussion,' Van Flein says, 'because the logistics are overwhelming and the demand is phenomenal.' Nor, since [Communications Director Meghan] Stapleton departed in February, does Palin have a press person -- with the result that up to eight or nine of her functionaries will find themselves fielding (and usually pocket-vetoing) media requests at any one time.

"Just as Palin heavily edits or at times completely writes most of her own speeches and insists on reviewing any statement issued by SarahPAC, she also must approve all media contact by her subordinates, Van Flein told me."

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