Sen. Rubio on Obama Immigration Policy: 'Why Wouldn't Someone Call Me?'


While Rubio is sympathetic to Palin's plight during the 2008 campaign, he does not mince words when it comes to his feelings about the job Obama is doing, calling Obama "the most divisive figure in modern American history" during a recent event with supporters.

"He is deliberately [dividing] Americans against each other for purposes of political gain. ... If you look at this White House, they never pass up an opportunity to pit one group of Americans against another for purposes of improving his electoral chances," he said.

"Time and again, whether it is one group of Hispanics against another, men against women, rich against poor, he is constantly looking for opportunities to tell one group of Americans that they would be better off if one group of Americans was worse off," he said. "I think that while that is common in politics, it's not just Obama, it's common in politics. But what I think is really sad is that he had a chance to be different and in 2008 he was different."

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