Sen. Mitch McConnell Was Recorded Plotting Against Ashley Judd


Mitch McConnell Recorded Discussing Ashley Judd's Emotional Health

A longtime Democratic operative in Kentucky who is also a Grimes ally and adviser, Dale Emmons said he doesn't "know anyone in my party who would do anything like that [bug McConnell's office]. I'm confident our party would not advocate something like that."

The Kentucky Democratic Party released a statement saying they have no idea "how this may have happened."

Emmons believes that the finger pointing the McConnell campaign is doing should be pointed right back at themselves, saying he thinks they may have released the tape themselves to discourage others from entering the race.

"He's willing to huff and puff and try to blow the house down. He wants people to think he's the big bad wolf," Emmons told ABC News. "(McConnell) wants to run against anybody, but himself even if it's a phantom like they are alleging. As long as Mitch is not the issue he's having a good day and the people of Kentucky are having a bad day because he's our senator."

During last year's presidential campaign, Mother Jones obtained a video of Republican candidate Mitt Romney saying 47 percent of Americans were "dependent on the government."

But unlike the "47 percent video," this recording did not take place at a large fundraiser or public event. Instead it was a small private strategy session.

Read more developments on this story here.

ABC News' Jack Cloherty, Jim Avila and Sunlen Miller contributed to this report.

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