Shutdown Showdown: Gridlock Over Obamacare as Deadline Looms


Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries will still be covered by government plans, even thought nearly half the employees of the Department of Health and Human Services will be furloughed.

Outside of Washington, many Americans are simply fed up with Congress.

Forty-four percent of Americans in a recent New York Times-CBS News poll said they would blame congressional Republicans if there is a partial government shutdown, while 35 percent said they would largely blame Democrats and President Obama. Sixteen percent said they would blame lawmakers on both sides, equally.

"If they were going to lose their paychecks like everybody else is going to lose their paychecks, that might motivate them to probably solve some of the problems they are facing right now," said Joe Jones, a barber in Biloxi, Miss., who fears his business will suffer if a shutdown forces cutbacks at nearby Keesler Air Force Base.

Members of Congress and the president will keep getting paid, even if the government shuts down.

Taxpayers, however, could get slapped with a hefty bill. The White House estimates the overall cost of a government shutdown could reach $2 billion.

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