Predicting the Prez by Pumpkins, Football

Turns out the Bordeaux theory also is a bust, according to Niki Singer, senior vice president of the magazine, "The Wine Spectator."

Clinton may have won in a “very good, but not outstanding” Bordeaux year in 1996, but other than that the premise has not held up, she says. In fact, in 1988, the only recent “outstanding” Bordeaux year with a presidential election, George Bush handily beat Michael Dukakis, a Democrat.

Wisdom of Children

Is politics mere child’s play? Polls of children have been extremely accurate in predicting presidential winners, the people who have conducted them claim.

Scholastic, the children’s magazine publisher, says its poll of students in grades 1 through 12 has correctly predicted presidential winners for more than 50 years, except in the close Kennedy-Nixon campaign in 1960. This year, Bush swept to victory at every grade level. He outpolled Gore in every grade but 9 and 11 in a similar survey by the Weekly Reader magazine company.

Conversely, second through fifth graders at Long Island, N.Y.’s Hewlett Elementary School — whose poll has correctly guessed every winner since 1972 — this week picked Gore by a vote of 368 to 117.

The Gore campaign used the victory as an opportunity to tout their candidate’s education proposals, which they hope can be enacted “so the rest of America’s children can be as astute” as their Long Island counterparts, Cabrera says.

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