Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

But alas, the use of his loud voice was a brief respite for Clark. Late last night members of the press were contacted by the campaign with news that the General has again lost his voice. His Concord, New Hampshire, event has been officially postponed and New Hampshire Political Director Steve Bouchard told ABC News he was looking to schedule a replacement campaign stop for Clark where he wouldn't have to use his voice. Clark told his staff he still wanted to campaign today in New Hampshire as scheduled.

The Clark campaign is also announcing some staff assignments beginning today. Amongst those, Chris Lehane, formerly of the Kerry campaign, will be joining the Clark campaign officially as a part-time advisor. Lehane could not be reached for comment on his new staff position. And Bill Buck who has been serving as spokesman and traveling press secretary for the campaign is now officially with new title--Deputy Communications Director. Buck will serve as the Communications Director and primary spokesperson for the New Hampshire campaign.

And speaking of New Hampshire, the biggest news this morning would have to be the snow everybody is waking up to that makes one think, if it's snowing in October it has to be really cold and snowy by January. Also, buy boots.

Clark Campaign Previews Economic Speech in New Hampshire

Oct. 22 — The Clark campaign told ABCNEWS that in Manchester, N.H., at the site of a converted mill, Clark will release his plan to save more than $2 trillion over the next decade and cut the deficit in each and every year. The core of the Clark "Saving for America's Future" plan calls for saving money in four major areas:

1) A tax plan that asks Americans making more than $200,000 to give back the windfall they received under the Bush tax cuts.

2) Cutting Washington spending: "On defense, The general will support every dime we need to keep America strong but he will not tolerate billions of dollars of waste or inefficiency just because it has a military label on it," the campaign said.

3) Getting rid of corporate tax loopholes.

4) Changing the distribution of costs to rebuild and do business in Iraq so the United States is not the lone funder.

Tuesday's theme for the Clark campaign could be something like — "say what?" Clark's slow recovery from laryngitis had him speaking to local business people in Nashua at nothing higher than a whisper. And the image of the day became reporters cocking their heads to catch one soundbite from the quiet general.

Perhaps to make up for the hard-to-hear campaigning, Clark did hold a mini press conference at the end of his Nashua stop. On New Hampshire, he said, "I'll be here about half the time between now and the elections."

Later, when a reporter asked why he would spend so much time in New Hampshire knowing of Dean and Kerry's head starts, Clark said: "I think you have to be realistic about what your expectations are. But hey look, I spent my life working to win, OK? I'm not conceding anything."

Clark Teams Strategizes for the Granite State

Oct. 20 — In their first conference call today, communications director Matt Bennett and New Hampshire State director Steve Bouchard gave some insight into the campaign's approach in New Hampshire now that they're bagging Iowa.

"I think if we can finish in the top four we're competitive and moving on," Bennett said.

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