Dick Gephardt on the Campaign Trail

Gephardt Enjoys Rain Delay the Most at World Series Game

Oct. 22 — After a day of fund raising, Rep. Dick Gephardt's trip to the Yankees/Marlins game with Miami Mayor Penelas last night could have been a big disappointment, given the 6-1 loss for the Marlins.

A life-long and obsessed Cardinals fan, Gephardt can't stand the Yankees and would probably root for Newt Gingrich's team if they were the opposite the Yanks. But his night took a turn for the better during the rain delay, according to Gephardt spokesman Erik Smith.

"The highlight of the [congressman's]game was bumping into former Cardinals great Ozzie Smith and talking baseball with him," Smith said.

While the Fox cameras seemed to have no problems finding fine citizens like Mike Tyson and singing sensation Yanni, Gephardt was nowhere to be found for folks in their living rooms. The campaign said they wanted him to have a little quiet time and didn't notify Fox that he was there.

After yesterday's news about the Dean campaign visiting all 99 counties in Iowa, the only candidate to do so since Gephardt in 1988, I asked Gephardt's Iowa communications director, Bill Burton, for the campaign's reaction.

"It's a good thing Dean is going to all 99 counties. He's got a lot of explaining to do on his atrocious Medicare record," he responded.

Gephardt will have reached 70 counties in Iowa by the end of next week.

Gephardt Loads Up on Staff for February Primaries

Oct. 21 — The Gephardt campaign is set to announce the hiring of state campaign directors in three key Feb. 3 primary states — Oklahoma, Arizona, and North Dakota — as early as today. They'll open offices and ramp up staff in the coming weeks.

Last week, the campaign announced two appointments in Michigan — Ronald Platt as state director and Raymond Plowden as political director. While Gephardt has been focusing most of his attention on Iowa during the last few weeks, changes seem to be right around the corner.

Gephardt Hits the Iowa Airwaves on NAFTA

Oct. 17 — Stepping up his message of bringing jobs and economic stability back to Iowa, the Gephardt campaign debuted a 30-second ad focusing on trade and jobs in Iowa today.

The ad features longtime Gephardt supporters Olin and Barb Clayton sitting around their kitchen table discussing the effects that NAFTA has had on their family.

Olin Clayton says, "After NAFTA, I lost two good jobs, they closed the plants and the jobs went to Mexico," referring to losing his job at a Firestone plant that closed its doors and moved south of the border.

His wife Barb adds, "We've had to move three times, uproot our family and now we're worried we'll have to do it again."

Bill Burton, Gephardt's Iowa communications director, says the ad buy is "significant statewide", although he would not elaborate, citing the campaign's policy not to disclose campaign advertising details.

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