Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

Klein pointed out that he wasn't a CNN producer and had no say in the matter, but went a step further to explain that were he to make the decision, which he does when it comes to his column, he would never dedicate space to Kucinich. Kucinich himself confronted Klein in front of reporters and the altercation became heated. Klein walked away as Kucinich was mid-sentence.

Later Klein told ABC News he wouldn't dedicate one line to Kucinich because "I think he's cluttering the stage and his position on the most important issue out there, which is the war, is totally ridiculous." Campaign spokesman David Swanson would only state the campaign's standard line on the media: "Members of the media should communicate to the public all of the candidates' positions and let the voters decide."

Kucinich didn't seem to let the harsh exchange dampen his mood. Usually bitter after debates over getting stiffed on time, he said tonight was "just wonderful." He also may nab another celebrity endorsement soon. Actor Casey Affleck (brother of Ben) was heard saying he was leaning toward supporting Kucinich. And then there was John Edwards' wife Elizabeth, who as usual stopped by to say hello with a hug and a "Good job tonight, Dennis."

Scalia joins Kucinich campaign (not what you're thinking)

Nov. 4 — There's a new addition to the cast of characters behind the Kucinich campaign: Derek Scalia. But he couldn't be further from the conservative Supreme Court justice with the same last name.

Scalia is one of the student coordinators for Kucinich at Franklin Pierce College, the 1,500-student, 40-year-old campus in tiny Rindge, New Hampshire, where last night the Congressman became the first presidential candidate ever to speak on the campus. A junior at Pierce, Scalia chose the remote school specifically because he wanted to be in New Hampshire for the 2004 primary. He started paying attention to Kucinich a year ago, before Kucinich himself knew if he would run, and says that for the first time in his life he agrees 100 percent with his candidate. He thinks Socialism got a bum rap when it got unfortunately entangled with Communism and is quick to point out that the only time he's ever aligned himself with Justice Scalia in any way is when he uses the name to gain admittance to the Supreme Court chambers to hear cases in which he's interested. Just your average male college junior, Kucinich-style.

Kucinich will put off filing for the New Hampshire Primary as well as other planned events in the state Tuesday in order to fly home to Cleveland and vote in the city council and mayoral elections there. He will return to New England to attend the Rock the Vote forum. The tension was palpable Monday between the New Hampshire staff, desperate to get the candidate to as many Granite State appearances as possible, and the national team, who doesn't want it to appear as though Kucinich is neglecting his responsibilities at home.

Kucinich attends Natural Law Party event (once OSU game ends)

Nov. 3 — Congressman Kucinich spent the weekend in his comfort zones of Ohio and California, two of the places he's called home, surrounded by dedicated supporters.

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