Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

He wasted no time in bashing Wal-Mart for its run-in with the law while speaking about immigrants' rights, saying, "Rather than rounding up 300 sub-contracted cleaning workers, we oughtta round up 300 of Wal-Mart's executives and put THEM in jail!"

Actor Danny Glover, active in the Immigrant Workers' Freedom Ride effort, was also on hand. Although he didn't know Kucinich would be speaking, when asked by ABC News if he would consider endorsing Kucinich he said, "Yes, I would. I've always though Kucinich represents the voice within the Democratic party which speaks for workers … it was refreshing to see him here."

Is a formal endorsement in the works? Glover said he hadn't endorsed anyone else yet but hadn't heard them all speak yet.

Despite a 5:30 am departure time Friday, the baseball nut Congressman scored last-minute World Series tickets for himself and deputy campaign manager (and constant companion) Paul Costanzo, an opportunity he felt was not to be passed up no matter how early the wake-up call.

Arriving as the sixth inning started, Kucinich started to tell his staff who he was rooting for when he stopped himself and said, "Is Melinda in the car?" Realizing I was indeed and ever the politician, he would only say this: "I have friends who are Yankees fans, I have friends who are Marlins fans, and I agree with my friends."

The AP compares Kucinich to a preacher in their write-up of his rolled-up-shirtsleeves approach to the SEIU: LINK

Kucinich strategizes his attacks

Oct. 23 — Kucinich has shied away from launching any major attacks, mainly because it's simply not his nature and he feels uncomfortable doing so. One could also speculate it's because he doesn't wish to burn bridges with the potential nominee. Instead Kucinich favors attacks on the party in general and on the other candidates as a group for voting for the Iraq resolution, voting for the $87 billion, supporting the existence of U.S. troops in Iraq, and not promoting universal health care.

The closest the Congressman has gotten to attacking specific candidates is at debates or forums, specifically Howard Dean for not advocating universal health care and Dick Gephardt for standing with the president on the Iraq resolution, the latter of which Kucinich identifies as the key reason the Democrats lost seats in the interim election.

Though Kucinich is certainly not close with any of his opponents, he probably has the warmest relations with Al Sharpton and John Edwards. Edwards' wife Elizabeth counts herself as a Kucinich fan and has made a special effort to seek him out at debates to say hello.

The Kucinich campaign is trying to reinvigorate its New Hampshire operation, which has lagged in recent months after an initial flurry of activity. With a spruced up organization including new offices and staffers, the campaign hopes former volunteers who have strayed will "see the light."

Says New Hampshire press secretary Richard Hendrick, "At the town hall meeting tonight you could see people getting born again."

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