Morning Political Note: Knots

NEW HAMPSHIRE Ordinary readers, bear with us on this one; extraordinarily inside readers (a status to which you all should aspire), revel in the details. Tim Lennon, the campaign manager for GOP gubernatorial candidate Craig Benson, was reported to have regular contact with John McCain's 2000 state field director, and contracted with a direct mail firm founded by McCainiac John Weaver. Last week, Lennon lost his job.

The Nashua Telegraph 's Landrigan raises the notion that Lennon was "Bush-whacked" after his ties to McCain folks were revealed. ( )?FromHome=1&TypeID=1&ArticleID=53711&SectionID=30&SubSectionID=86

IOWA The Washington, DC-based Club for Growth's giving Iowa Rep. Greg Ganske one of its "RINO" — Republican In Name Only — awards makes the big local paper. ( )

MASSACHUSETTS "Republican lieutenant governor hopeful James Rappaport is unleashing a television ad blitz this week," the Boston Herald reports. "Rappaport's $100,000-plus TV ad campaign, slated to start tonight and run for two weeks, is designed to dispel doubts by some party leaders about his bid to serve as businessman Mitt Romney's running mate. The ads don't mention (lieutenant governor rival) Guerriero or acting Gov. Jane Swift by name but they indirectly challenge the current administration. 'It will take new leadership to get Massachusetts back on track. Not the same old State House crowd,' the ads say." (

NEW YORK Roll Call raises an interesting question, both budget-wise and ethics-related: how will New York pay for the expected but not-yet-confirmed "field" meeting of the joint session of Congress? "Congressional ethics rules limit the extent to which corporations and foundations could pitch in to help the city defray the costs, but there will certainly be opportunities for prominent New Yorkers to help." ( )

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) has expressed support for the session and has proposed a date of Sept. 6, but his office has not yet put together any comprehensive plan to pay for it."

Fred Dicker's New York Post column is composed of two items. First (aided by opposition research), Dicker suggests a shared Cuomo/Pataki agenda in trying to explode the "myth" that Carl McCall's upbringing was as humble as he likes to suggest. Second, Dicker foreshadows what is likely to be a debate-less (again) general election in the gubernatorial race. (

Ninety-nine bucks a vote, for a total of $73.9 million. That's how much New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent this fall, according to disbursements filed by his campaign, although it's rough math, counting only general election votes and overall (primary too) spending. ( )

Bush Administration strategy/personality: If you REALLY want to understand the Bush political machine, here's a must-read for you: the Washington Monthly's Joshua Green takes a look at Jan van Lohuizen, the president's Nexus-unfriendly pollster. ( )

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