The Web's Best Political News Summary: Feb. 7: Let's Get Workable:

Here's something we missed yesterday from the hard-copy Washington Times (page A12): a Jack Kemp op-ed that not only praised Gephardt for his stance on the Bush tax cut, but cast Gephardt as an antidote to his Senate counterpart Daschle.


A lot of our bosses live in New York, as do Sting, Armani, and Derek Jeter. So we pay a wee bit more attention to what goes on in that state than we do elsewhere, as does most of the media. But trust us: there's a lot of political energy in a special state Senate race in New York City for a seat on the East Side that happens next Tuesday. For one thing, it's Liza Minelli and Rudy versus Hillary and Chuck. Plus, Gotham Republicans' inroads into labor support of the kind 43 wants in '04 is in play in this race. Read all about it here: ( )

Jack Kemp will announce his endorsement of Republican Bill Simon for governor of California today during media availabilities in Sacramento and San Francisco.

We're not exactly sure what this means, but we got an e-mail from the third guy (after Riordan and Simon) running for governor that was slugged, "Bill Jones to Expose Riordan's Cozy Relationship with Enron," but the body of the e-mail doesn't mention Enron at all — it simply says Jones "will reveal the validity of some of the statements Riordan made in the last few weeks." So stay tuned; the event takes place at 4:00 p.m. ET today in Los Angeles.

In the same theme, it seems, the Los Angeles Times today looks at Riordan's habitual candor and how sometimes it can be a good thing, but sometimes, um, not. ( )?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dcalifornia )

South Dakota Gov. Bill Janklow likely will announce his candidacy for the House next week, the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader reports. (Attention Hotline "Overlooked" writers: Who Else Went from Governor to Member of Congress?) ( )

Up in Massachusetts, one of the leading contenders for the Democratic nomination for governor struck it rich with her choice of a running mate — literally. A "little-known twist in the state campaign finance law allows … Shannon P. O'Brien to tap running mate Christopher F. Gabrieli's personal fortune during the primary race, giving her access to his millions of dollars for political advertising." Gabrieli spent about $5 million in an unsuccessful run for Congress four years ago. Note that "a spokesman for the O'Brien campaign … said O'Brien was aware of the ruling when she selected Gabrieli, but does not intend at this time to take advantage of the opening." ( )

Roll Call reports that because House Democratic Whip Nancy Pelosi decided to give $10,000 to her colleague Rep. Lynn Rivers, who has been thrown into the same congressional district — and thus the same primary — as the more senior and more prickly Rep. John Dingell, Dingell has decided to cease fundraising for the party's House campaign committee. ( )

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